Environment Projects

Environmental Services


Environmental Services - Teck Projects

Client: Teck Coal

Location: Elk Valley
Time Period: 2007 to Present
Average Annual Revenue: $1,000,000

References: Jim Thorner, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal- Greenhills Operations.
Nick Manklow, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal - Coal Mountain Operations.
Jenny Hutchison, Sr. Environmental Officer, Teck Coal- Line Creek Operations

Nupqu staff complete a wide range of environmental assessment, monitoring and labour based activities for all five mines in the Elk Valley. These include:

  • Water, Air and Soil Monitoring and Sampling
  • Data Management and Database Entry
  • Reclamation, Vegetation Control and Bioengineering Activities.
  • Noxious Weed Survey, Control and Reporting Activities
  • Property Boundary Field Identification and Marking

Crown Mountain

Nupqu field technicians collect water samples and record field observations from pre-determined sampling sites. In addition to this work, the crew is periodically tasked with collecting stream flow data, downloading data logger information, and working with Dillon staff on installing and repairing the weather station.

Clients: Tembec/Canfor/Hushcroft/BC Timber Sales/Teck Coal

Location: Elk Valley
Time Period: 2012 to Present
Average Annual Revenue: $60,000

Reference: Richard Pope, Partner, Dillon Consulting Limited. Richmond, BC

Duncan Wildlife Monitoring

Client: BC Hydro

Location: Duncan Dam near Revelstoke, BC
Time Period: 2009 to 2013

Project Revenue: $150,000
Reference: Margo Dennis, Water License Requirements Study Lead, BC Hydro

Nupqu staff were contracted to document and monitor wildlife activity in the Duncan watershed in Meadow Creek, BC. More specifically, the crew was tasked with identifying bird and wildlife use in cottonwood habitats in the Lower Duncan and Lardeau rivers as well as in the Duncan Reservoir. Ultimately, BC Hydro will use this long-term technical information to help inform their management of water levels in the area.